Monthly Archives: November 2017

Plan Downtown: Converging Culture, Lifestyle & Commerce (Video)

On November 3, Central Houston released Plan Downtown: Converging Culture, Lifestyle & Commerce. This 20-year vision plan outlines recommendations for both short-term and long-term planning, development and design that will improve the visitor appeal, business climate, livability and connectivity within and around Downtown Houston leading up to the city’s bicentennial […]

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Reimagining of Allen Center

Brookfield Property Partners welcomed CHIME to celebrate the multi-million dollar transformation of One Allen Center. Senior Vice President of Operations, Ted Zwieg, guided the tour highlighting the vibrant green space and downtown’s newest urban oasis, The ACRE, named by CHIME. Zwieg gave members a glimpse inside the new 25,000 sq […]

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The Beacon

While we love the tours and sporting events, CHIME is also interested in giving back to the community. The weekend of October 28, CHIME had the privilege of volunteering at the Beacon, a non-profit organization that serves the homeless community through a variety of daily services. Volunteers prepared and served food, […]

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