Central Houston assists employers and employees with access to, from, and within downtown.  Current programs include various transit and street programs:

  • Assist METRO in growing ridership on park and ride network, the new light rails lines and its New Bus Network, and advocate setting the course for the next stage of the region’s transit development
  • Strongly encourage employers to offer commuter benefits to employees
  • Track the types of incentives offered by employers for transit and parking
  • Assist TxDOT with its locally preferred alternative for the North Houston Highway Improvement Program
  • Facilitate planning of the proposed high speed rail line to effectively connect to downtown and other major employment centers in the central city
  • Support advancement of alternative travel modes of travel including walking, cycling, shared rides, Zip Car, etc.
  • Work with the City administration in understanding and utilizing the capacity of the downtown street network to effectively and safely serve multiple transportation modes
  • Continue collaboration towards implementing single seat park & ride service from areas outside of METRO service area with primary focus on Ft. Bend County
  • Assist in spreading the word about web-based visitor parking information provided by the Houston Downtown Management District

Learn more about Getting Around on the downtown information portal. For more information on transit access, contact Katrina Bayer, Transportation Planning Manager, 713-650-1470.