Mobility Advocates


Regional mobility is critically important to employers.  Downtown employers trust Central Houston to serve as their conduit to information on regional mobility change, and as an advocate for what is most important to the center city.

​“Central Houston is directly involved in downtown and regional transportation planning, working with public and private entities on transit, road and freeway projects, such as the future re-routing of the freeway ring around downtown,” states Jeffery D. Hildebrand, chairman and CEO of Hilcorp Energy Company. “This work is critically important to downtown’s workforce and appreciated by employers.”

Mobility advocacy efforts include:

  • Advocacy of Proposition 7, a Texas constitutional amendment regarding transportation funding, which was passed in November 2015.
  • Encouraging employers to support transit use by their employees
  • Marketing and communications for METRO New Bus Network
  • Advocacy for METRO’s Transit Re-imagining Plan
  • 2013 Downtown Houston Commute Survey
  • Research for one-seat park and ride service from Sugar Land/Fort Bend County
  • Tri-Party participant with the City of Houston and METRO to conceive, plan and design $18.9 million downtown transit street project

For more information on mobility contact Katrina Bayer, Transportation Planning Manager, 713-650-1470.