New Residential

Since its inception, Central Houston has encouraged the addition of new residential options in downtown. Central Houston took a lead role in two key planning initiatives.

  • The George R. Brown Convention Center 2025 Master Plan, conducted under contract with Central Houston Civic Improvement and funded by the City of Houston, was developed in 2011. One of the many recommendations was the encouragement of more amenities available to convention visitors in the area. This finding resulted in a heightened interest by city government in increasing the number of downtown residents that could support more dining, shopping and entertainment.
  • Following the master plan, Central Houston Civic Improvement and Houston First jointly sponsored a 2012 Urban Land Institute local advisory panel to identify the best mix of development types, tools provide incentives to encourage successful development, and a road map to navigate to desired outcome. The findings encouraged the development of multi-family rental housing and that it was in the city’s best interest to provide a toolkit of benefits to encourage residential development in the GRBCC area.

The toolkit created was Downtown Living Initiative, an incentive program for a set number of units developed within a set amount of time. It is in place and is administered by the Houston Downtown Management District and the Downtown Redevelopment Authority.