Urban Collaborative Program

Even the most dynamic metropolitan area can suffer from a lack of coordination of planning efforts.  As we build a highly desirable downtown we want to assure connectivity and seamless living with adjacent neighborhoods. The Urban Collaborative Program is a multi-year program charged with overseeing this objective.

In 2015, stakeholder partners in this program realized a major milestone when the City of Houston adopted its first General Plan. This multi-year program is a special project of Central Houston Civic Improvement and other significant organizations.

Central Houston contributed $30,000 to Central Houston Civic Improvement to continue its support of thoughtful development and coordinated planning in the central city. Developed over the past year – under the guidance of multiple stakeholder committees – this effort becomes a starting point for the city for better governance. Central Houston and Central Houston Civic Improvement have worked for years along with Blueprint Houston and other entities to get this comprehensive effort to this point of reality. Support for the ongoing general plan effort will continue as it goes to the next stage of development and additional fundraising may be required. The leadership of the various entities involved in the leadership summit continue to meet.