Young Professionals

CHIME: Central Houston’s Young Professionals

Central Houston, Inc. Millennial Enterprise (CHIME) is committed to retaining local talent to downtown Houston as their place to live, work, and play. Participants in CHIME are hand-picked by top leadership as representatives for their companies and their generation.


CHIME events offer exclusive access, such as behind-the-scenes tours, courtside games, and receptions with developers and downtown stakeholders. CHIME is the ultimate networking hub for young downtown professionals who wish to enhance their careers through knowledgeable CEO acumen and connections with downtown peers.


What People Are Saying

David Ladewig
Structure Tone Southwest, LLC

“CHIME is the most unique organization I have ever been a part of and offers members something that is very rare – the opportunity to get involved in the conversation, share ideas, and collaborate with stakeholders for everything downtown.”

Mattie Givens
MMI Agency

“CHIME has been great! I have enjoyed the events and the networking that it provides. I also love that CHIME has been instrumental in creating a group of YP advocates for Downtown.”

Connect With CHIME

For more information about CHIME, please contact, Will Matthews, Business Development Manager, 713-650-1470.

§ Membership is limited to two employees of Central Houston, Inc. member companies, with each member company's senior representative to Central Houston making the designations. At a future date the group's size may be expanded, and there may be certain activities to which non-members can be invited to participate.

Previous CHIME Events

CHIME events and membership is limited to two employees of Central Houston, Inc. member companies. Contact Will Matthews, 713-650-1470, for information on CHIME.